skewbald ADJECTIVE (of a horse) with irregular patches of white and another colour (properly not black).
NOUN a skewbald horse.
ORIGIN from obsolete skewed «skewbald», on the pattern of piebald.

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  • skewbald — horse with brown and white patches, 1650s, from skued skewbald (mid 15c.), of unknown origin, + bald having white patches (see BALD (Cf. bald)). First element apparently unconnected with SKEW (Cf. skew) (v.); OED suggests perhaps from O.Fr. escu… …   Etymology dictionary

  • skewbald — [skyo͞o′bôld΄] adj. [< ME skewed, piebald + BALD] having large patches of white and brown or any other color except black n. a skewbald horse …   English World dictionary

  • Skewbald — Skew bald , a. Marked with spots and patches of white and some color other than black; usually distinguished from piebald, in which the colors are properly white and black. Said of horses. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • skewbald — *variegated, parti colored, motley, checkered, checked, pied, piebald, dappled, freaked …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Skewbald — For the band of the same name see Skewbald (band) Skewbald is a color pattern of horse. A skewbald horse has a coat made up of chestnut (or any color besides black) and white patches, on top of either pink or dark skin. Other than colour, it is… …   Wikipedia

  • skewbald — I. adjective Etymology: skewed (skewbald) + bald Date: 1654 of an animal marked with patches of white and any other color but black II. noun Date: 1863 a skewbald horse …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • skewbald — [17] Skewbald, which denotes a horse with brown and white patches, is a compound formed (on the model of piebald) from an earlier skued ‘skewbald’ and bald (in the ancestral sense ‘having white patches on the coat’). It is not clear where skued… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

  • skewbald — adjective (of a horse) having irregular patches of white and another colour (properly not black). noun a skewbald horse. Origin C17: from obs. skewed skewbald (of uncertain origin ), on the pattern of piebald …   English new terms dictionary

  • skewbald — /ˈskjubɔld/ (say skyoohbawld) adjective 1. (of horses, etc.) having patches of different colours, especially of white and brown. –noun 2. a skewbald horse or pony. Compare piebald. {compare obsolete skewed skewbald; origin uncertain} …  

  • skewbald — piebald, skewbald A piebald horse or other animal is one having irregular patches of two colours, especially black and white. A skewbald animal has irregular patches of white and another colour (other than black) …   Modern English usage

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